About the project

PROFΞTH is a digital platform for a borderless economy, designed take all the advantages of a market-based economy and a monetary system, yet avoiding its drawbacks. Using AI algorithms, PROFΞTH makes sure goods and services are exchanged to the maximum efficiency, by both local and global providers.

A demand driven economy

PROFΞTH is a global platform at the basis of a new digital economy which is based on the demands and their location.

The internet of Everything, for everyone

PROFΞTH allows people and things to interoperate as an organism, creating a multiscale direct economy without the need of advertisement and marketing

Connecting the dots

PROFΞTH connects sharing economies initiatives under a single umbrella, allowing direct exchange of goods and services without requiring a monetary system. Welcome to the automatic tokenization of everything.

The choice is yours

PROFΞTH contracts work in maximum transparency. This means that when you choose a product or service, you will activate its entire value chain. This is why PROFΞTH is the first fair-trade algorithm

The "Zero Marginal Cost" Plaftorm

Each component of the PROFΞTH digital value chain can be automated.This will ultimately reduce the production costs to the basic resources. Competition will only be based on location, quality and reputation, while business are steered towards to the efficient automation of prediction, production and delivery.

The PROFΞTH project is WEB 3.0 at its best. It allows smart contracts to interoperate and automatically create a clean and fair economy. I see PROFΞTH as the digital glue for a planetary civilization.

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